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Central Herding Dog Rescue is dedicated to finding homes for Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs/Queensland Heelers, as well as other herding breeds and mixes. This site lists dogs in shelters and pups in homes and foster care. It is also intended to help adopters seeking good dogs and dogs seeking loving homes. Our geographical area covers Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.

If you have a dog that you would like to list on this site, please email us. We will need at least one good photo and a detailed description of the dog and contact information for you. Please note that we will not list a dog that is not spayed or neutered. It is irresponsible to place an intact dog, where it may be used for breeding and create more unwanted pets.

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Central Herding Dog Rescue disclaims any responsibility for claims made about dogs listed on this site. We may not have met or evaluated a dog that is listed; we are simply posting information about available dogs in the central CA coastal region, along with links to rescue groups elsewhere. Screening of dogs and owners is the responsibility of the parties listing dogs or responding to listings about dogs on this site.


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When you see dogs like this in shelters, you have to wonder how people could let them go. This stunningly gorgeous boy, originally named Kyd, came in as a stray to the Lompoc shelter. When no one came to claim him, he went into foster care for our rescue and was placed within just a few days with an owner smart enough to recognize his beauty of brain and heart as well as body. As Bodhi, he is a loving companion, helpful classroom assistant, and high-drive walking companion. Bodhi had to teach his new mom how to own a Border Collie (she'd been used to Labs, which are much mellower and less in need of mental stimulation), but she got the hang of it. Now, they are a perfect team. Thanks, Jennifer, for letting this boy into your heart!

Teddy, now known as Ned, is a handsome, AKC-registered Border Collie who grew up on a ranch but never showed any interest in sheep. He had a tendency to spin compulsively, which his owners didn't understand. They assumed he had a brain injury and were ready to put him down. A few months with us did wonders. He still likes to spin, but a simple, "Ned, lie down." is enough. He's at his happiest out in the field working sheep. He also gets to live with Remy, Night, and Linus the Cat. Many thanks to Kay for giving him the best home one could ask for!

Sometimes, sad stories do have happy endings. Kippy was dumped at a vet clinic last fall and kept there for two months while the staff tried to find him a home. He was very shy and particularly afraid of men. They contacted us, and we put him in foster care where he blossomed. It turned out he loved other dogs, was respectful of cats, would chase a ball for hours, and thought children were the best things in the universe. He quickly relaxed and showed himself to be a calm housedog, good trail companion, and obedient sweet boy overall. From there, he easily found a home with a loving family of four young girls, a wise older dog, a ranch cat, and an acre on which to chase a ball. No dog is more deserving of such a great home.

Bosco came from a home with more love than money. His owners kept getting animals even though they couldn't afford to feed them. By the time he came to the Lompoc shelter, he was 10-15 lbs. underweight, but his gentle, loving spirit was undimmed. They don't come much better than this lovely boy who is now the center of an adoring household.

The happily, sleeping white and tan Cattle Dog mix is Mattie. She was saved from a high kill shelter in Kings County by our rescue volunteer extraordinaire, Wendy. In the photo, Mattie is sleeping next to our resident mascot, Henry, who has mentored many a rescue dog in the ways of being a good house dog. Mattie didn't needed much help. She was a good girl from the start - obedient, sweet, and very conscientious in babysitting a litter of Pointer mix puppies living with us at the time. Mattie soon went to a loving home and is now "Lola," the apple of her new family's eye.

Millie is why we love cattle dogs. Full of fun and play, fearless, indefatigable, she came into the Goleta shelter dirty, bedraggled, and promptly picked up a bad cold. But she didn't let that, or a complicated spay, stop her. She spent two weeks in foster care with us before going off to her dream home where she lives with three other blue heelers, a couple of horses, and the best adopter in the world. Thanks, Diana, for making Millie's life so wonderful.

Penny is a classic case of why Border Collies are special and not for everyone. Ranch bred, she was bought as a pet and kept in a backyard, allowed to breed casually with the family's other Border Collie, and then given up when the owners had to move. She had no training or socialization but showed extraordinary drive. This is a dog that needs stock. It took a while, but Penny found a new home with someone interested in developing her potential. Now, she gets to work sheep and cattle when she isn't chasing balls on the beach or sleeping blissfully on the couch.

Poor Cliffy did not get a good start in life. He was bought as a young puppy to work cattle but was too young to work. His owner just left him tied to a tree in the yard. Fortunately, a family friend intervened and took him on before finding rescue. Cliffy was such a sweet, gentle soul that it only took him a few days to land a fantastic home with Maggie and Gary and their older dog, Ruby. All of them love Cliffy (now known as Lefty) without reservation. He has a true happy ending.


This year, we are proud to offer an official calendar once again. The Central Herding Dog Rescue 2020 Calendar will feature some of our favorite pictures from the past year as well as supporter submissions. All proceeds will directly benefit our medical fund. 

The price for the calendar is $29, which includes shipping and handling within the United States. We are accepting calendar orders now through December 1st or until we run out. To have your images featured in our calendar, the photo submission cutoff date is November 20th. 

Calendars will ship early in December and arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks for your support!


You can support our medical fund in two easy ways. These options include:

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2.) Submit a Photo of Your Dog to the Calendar & Make a $25.00 donation to the Central Herding Dog Rescue Medical Fund via PayPal. Our PayPal account is info@cchdrescue.org, or you can click the "Donate" PayPal button.